"This guy was on fire. I felt the hairs stand straight up on my back- this is the kind of talent that you pray to run into."
HaveHeart Magazine

 "One of this generations great musical acts."
Florida Music Journal

 "When you see the setlist, that’s the first question I would have: Can one person sing ALL OF THIS? Yes. With ascending glory I might add.. It doesn’t get much better than this.."
The Loft Tapes review, The Steam Engine

 “The Loft Tapes shows up at a solid No. 5 position on KRFC’s top 30 playlist this week. The group’s laid-back groove captures a sound that is at once modern and reminiscent of the good old days of Motown recordings.”

 “Here is Colorado’s answer to the Black Keys.”
Denver Post - Reverb

 "Holy Shit!"
The Loft Tapes review, Marquee Magazine

 "The band sounds laid back and super groovy, like they're feeling the music rather than merely playing it. Not only did the dudes nail it here, but some of their versions rival the originals."
Dave Herrera, Westword

 "This recording, which was done over the course of a week last January in Berthoud, Colorado at an old Masonic Temple, shows a level of maturity and elegance that is simply arresting."

"It’s the old-south hymnal hospitality and good-gracious gospel stylings of lead vocalist and bassist Jonathan Meadows that steal the show on (The Loft Tapes)"
Listen Up Denver

"Lake Tahoe Action once compared vocalist Jonathan Meadows to Radiohead's Thom Yorke. Make that Stevie Wonder with a ballcap and a bushy red beard."                                                     
Tahoe Daily Tribune

"The Congress rejects that notion, mixing big and intimate in ways that scream to be played on huge stages under open skies with thousands of voices helping them send the walls that surround us tumbling down."                                                     
Dirty Impound

 "The debut release 'Whatever You Want' is an unmitigated pleasure. Songs such as 'Reason,' 'Keep Virginia' and the album's title track are soulful, blues-inspired workouts that never descend into mere homage. The trio plays with a nuanced vigor and youthful vitality that make the old seem new again."
Richmond Times Dispatch

“It sounds a great deal like Ryan Adams drank too much Red Bull and was then shot with a whale harpoon on the docks of the Carolina coast.”
The Steam Engine

“From the opening title track, it's clear the trio is taking things up a few notches and delving into heavier territory, even adding a Southern-rock feel to some tunes, like 'Keep Virginia' and 'Reason,' which feels like the Black Crowes' more recent material.”            

 “The album itself takes a musical direction to the South, full of thick, soulful vocals and blues-rock inspired guitar riffs.”                                                                  
 The Maneater

“The Congress in their oomph and sinewy togetherness on this debut remind one of the Lynyrd Skynrd that caught ol’ Al Kooper’s eye and made him want to show them off to the world.”
Dennis Cook, dirty impound

“A true power trio in every sense of the word, they have a driving ’70s rock sound that is raw and rowdy.”
Marquee Magazine

“The Congress’ Whatever You Want is a good-ass record, plain and simple. These boys know what they’re doing, and they do it damn well.. those looking for the next new act in old school southern rock would do well to check out The Congress.”
The Grateful Web

"Gritty, strong, soulful, and in a nod to the band's roots in Virginia, just a hint of country twang."
Colorado Daily

"The Congress elects to step from the 1970s into Lake Tahoe, inundating listeners with original rock 'n' roll."
Tahoe Daily Tribune

“They are good old boys whose only goal is to steamroll a room with down home rock and roll.”
Listen Up Denver

"We are shocked that this is just their first [LP] and are already waiting what their future holds. This Denver-based band was able to pack The Bluebird, one of the city’s most prominent venues, not an easy task. In my opinion There aren’t too many genuine rock bands around anymore. The Congress embodies the nitty-gritty, authentic sound of a traditional rock band, one that’s rare but certainly a gem."

"Our friend Brianna Hernandez of Early Bird // Night Owl chatted with lead guitarist, Scott Lane, about The Congress’ new album, summer tour plans and living in Denver.."

"With the act's debut long-player, Whatever You Want, the outfit comes through with twice the swagger and sounds even more rocking and refined as it mixes in elements of guitar-heavy Southern rock infused with vibrant vocals and a heaping helping of soul."

"Tracks like 'Keep Virginia' and 'Jonah Gideon' exemplify the authoritative songwriting that has become a hallmark of The Congress."

"The Congress specializes in old-school rock that’s immediately reminiscent of hey-day Little Feat with soulful vocals, fluid guitar work and the drive of gritty R&B grooves.. the group eschews current trends in genre-mashing in favor of honest journeys through distorted vintage blues and epic, fist-pumping bar anthems."
Elevation Outdoors

"[The Congress] thrives on finding new ways to bend and change its music, staying on the road and connecting with fans across the country."
North Mississippi News

"The Congress – Live at Oxford Music Festival"
Oxford Local Voice

"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, The Congress is a forceful rock outfit that combines great vocals and a level of tightness that is truly compelling."

"It’s those influences of rhythm and blues, British rock ’n’ roll and Southern soul that keep a driving tempo through their improvisational and psychedelic tendencies."
Steamboat Pilot

"Denver rock ‘n' roll outfit The Congress has been touring almost non-stop in the two years since it's first EP, and this month, the guys start working on their first full-length studio album."
Colorado Daily

"Anchored by strong songwriting, The Congress draws comparisons to Little Feat, The Rolling Stones, and The Black Crowes while maintaining an originality that is attracting the attention of critics across the country."
Listen Up Denver

"They're my personal, absolute favorite band coming out of Denver."
Longmont Times

"The lucky ones who have seen The Congress live would agree that they're more than competent in their musical ability, and their foundation in rock n' roll allows them to be emotive, robust, energetic, low-key, and anything in between."
The Rooster

"Having only started touring in May of 2010, they have already created quite a name for themselves nationally through a full performance schedule and stellar musicianship."

"The band’s latest self-titled release is a masterpiece from start to finish."

"What he started is one of Colorado’s most dynamic rock acts"
Marquee Magazine

"This band is relatively new, but it’s apparent these guys aren’t novices. This record has a foundation of rock-solid musicianship and equally-solid songwriting, overlaid by near-flawless vocals."
Oomph Music

"Their unique mash-up is drifting across the nation, now that the band is playing festivals and blowing up in popularity."
Goodtimes Santa Cruz

"Their self-titled CD is phenomenal, and each track blows me away."

"The Congress has since landed all kinds of critical praise across the state with its soulful mix of Southern R&B and rock ’n’ roll."
Style Weekly

"A stunning self-titled debut, one that features a careful blend of musicianship and songwriting."
Marquee Magazine

"There are a lot of Colorado bands that come our way, but The Congress has a sound that floats them to the top of the batch."
Jackson Hole Weekly

"Recently knocked the socks off JamBase Associate Editor Dennis Cook when they played San Francisco, evoking everything from Wilco to Little Feat to Weezer and still sounding like very much their own band the whole damn time."

"Harry Nilsson meets Blood Sweat & Tears at Randy Newman's house."
Vintage Guitar Magazine

"Solid rock and roll mixed with some Southern R&B and finished with a little psychadelic improv, that's Denver-based band The Congress' recipe for a good time."
Vail Daily

"...vintage R&B textures, Appalachian harmonies and free-form psychedelic solos."

"The Congress has established itself as a passionate, soulful live act, with rich, stirring songs."
Denver Post

"Expressive and confident, subtle in parts and brazen in others."

"I felt the hairs stand straight up on  my back - this is the kind of talent that you pray to run into."

HaveHeart Magazine